With a view to enhancing our solution offering, eMids is proud to offer product based solutions through its GreenClaim suite. eMids continues to seek value for its clients and in the near future would have more additions to its solution sets. The following are the products under the GreenClaim suite:

  • GreenClaim – health mason
  • GreenClaim – TheSys

eMids: Fun at eMids

Working at eMids is about having fun while you work. The friendly work environment here creates an atmosphere where you can get along with everyone and you can work together enabling positive discussions, meet new challenges and grow with more experience and knowledge.

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Health 2.0 Conference Recap

eMids' CEO Saurabh Sinha takes a first look at Health 2.0

Last week, I attended the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco. Its audience, comprised of leaders in both technology and the provider community gave me the perception that is Health concepts of healthcare. The program discussed emerging models of online care (American Well, Myca etc.) i.e. clinical groupware, Adoption of Health 2.0 platforms by physicians, Payers Health 2.0 strategy, PHR platforms (HealthVault, Google Health & WebMD) i.e. Consumer Aggregators and Value of data from user generated healthcare content. Several products exhibited at the conference and a few did deep dives and new launches.

FlatWorld Café

The world is getting flattened by forces of globalization, advances in technology and growing business needs. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author and columnist Thomas Friedman, had his revelation of this changing planet in his book “The World is Flat.”

At eMids, we have had the opportunity to live this reality and succeed on all sides of the “Flat World”. That is why we created FlatWorld Café (FWC). FWC is not just a website or the educational in-person series we provide…it’s a constant conversation of how to make individuals and businesses better. We have long had that “café” conversations internally about how to better our clients’ businesses through the “Flat World” approach and decided to open up the “café” discussion to everyone!

We believe the FlatWorld empowers all individuals, businesses and communities to do more. We will use FlatWorldCafé.com to help you grasp the impact of the evolving business environment, have a resource for global resourcing research, respond to technology and operational challenges, and harness opportunities to succeed.

To be successful as organizations and individuals, we can all leverage a “Flat World” and learn from each other…we at eMids are excited to provide you the forum for conversation. The Café is open!

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eMids: Training at eMids

We have a passion for healthcare and to provide our clients the best services. The best services are provided when there is high knowledge, skill and competency. Here at eMids we continuously train our employees to improve themselves and give them learning. We train employees with interactive sessions to give them precise knowledge about their projects and technologies they work with and awareness about the new technologies or other developments to keep their knowledge updated.

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eMids: People at eMids

High on Life - pretty much sums up our lifestyle at eMids! Our belief - Life must be lived to the full, and every moment is to be cherished. Project deadlines may be demanding! The work may be daunting! But we do not let that deter us. We set our sights on the impossible and achieve it. An eMidsian is a young mind, inquisitive and wiling to learn, unafraid to experiment with new tasks and methods, welcomes challenges, moves steadily up the learning curve, and as a result, charts a career path for himself or herself. An eMidsian puts his/her values into action and is a responsible citizen.

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Enterprise IT Services: Application Development

Application Development
Companies that utilize eMids for application development can choose to co-source development or depend on eMids for full outsourcing efforts. Our staff works tirelessly to make sure our clients applications improve and help administer business processes for business success. eMids can help companies to manage the full range of their information technology needs by developing and deploying custom and packaged application software that streamlines and integrates business processes and systems to achieve a competitive advantage.

Application Development Services include:
- Product and Software development
- Large-scale enhancements
- ERP/Package Release and/or Upgrades
- Consulting services for compliance and certification

How we assist our clients through our Application Development Services:
- Advise technology selection and roadmap strategies
- Align service levels with business priorities
- Reduce build, support cost by 30 to 40 percent
- Post client relationship maturity, additional reduction in total cost of ownership can be made

eMids Technologies: Offerings - PeopleSoft

eMids offers various services to support ERP systems within our client's environments. Our focus has been around the PeopleSoft ERP. Peoplesoft is one of the leading ERP softwares in the world. eMids offers several services on Peoplesoft software platform. eMids has expertise with the Financial, HCM and CRM modules. eMids employs several ex-Peoplesoft employees and highly qualified Peoplesoft professionals that will offer insight uncommonly found amongst most consulting vendors.